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Ricoh- Mission and corporate History

Ricoh Founding Principles

Founding Principles

The Spirit of Three Loves by Kiyoshi Ichimura, Founder

  • “Love your neighbor”
  • “Love your country”
  • “Love your work”

Kiyoshi Ichimura formulated the Ricoh Group's Founding Principles in 1946. They inform how we do business, encouraging us to constantly improve and contribute to the wellbeing of all stakeholders, including our families, customers, and society at large.


We are committed to providing excellence to improve the quality of living and to drive sustainability.


To be the most trusted global company.


CUSTOMER-CENTRICAct from the customer's perspectivePASSIONApproach everything positively and purposefullyGEMBALearn and improve from the factsINNOVATIONBreak with the status quo to create value without limitsTEAMWORKRespect all stakeholders and co-create valueWINNING SPIRITSucceed by embracing challenges through courage and agilityETHICS AND INTEGRITYAct with honesty and accountability

Ricoh Corporate History

  Feb. 6, 1936

The sensitized paper division of Rikagaku Kogyo split off to be established as Riken Kankoshi Co., Ltd. (–1938)

Mar. 1938

Riken Kankoshi Co., Ltd. renamed Riken Optical Co., Ltd. and starts production of optical devices and equipment. (until 1963)

Jan.12, 1946

Kiyoshi Ichimura appointed president (until Dec.16, 1968)

Mar. 1950

Launches the Ricohflex III camera, which spurred the popularization of cameras.

Apr. 1953

Ohmori Plant opens in Ota-ku, Tokyo, through merger of affiliate companies Asahi Seimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Aiko Trading Co., Ltd.; camera manufacturing resumed.

Nov. 1955

Introduced Ricoh's first diazo copier, “Ricopy 101. “

Jan. 1957

Establishes Japan's first mass-production system for cameras. Awarded Ohkochi Memorial Production Prize for techniques to mass-produce cameras.

Jul. 1960

Sindo Koeki Co., Ltd., a joint venture, founded in Korea (renamed Sindo Ricoh Co., Ltd. in 1970).

Aug. 1960

Introduces the “RICOH OFFSET” duplicator, leading to low-cost high-volume copying in the office.

May 1961

Osaka Plant opens in Ikeda, Japan to manufacture sensitized paper.

Apr. 1962

Numazu Plant, Japan, formed. It features the world's first fully integrated production system of sensitized paper.

May. 1962

Ohmori Plant and General Research Laboratory completed.

Nov. 1962

Introduces the “Ricoh Auto Half” a half frame camera that proves to be a massive hit

Dec. 1962

Founded Ricoh Industries, U.S.A., Inc.

Apr. 1963

Changes corporate name to Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Apr. 1963

Ricoh (Europe) S.A. established in Switzerland. (running until 1971)

Mar. 1965

Taiwan Ricoh Co., Ltd. founded in Taiwan.

Sep. 1965

Introduces the “Ricopy BS-1” as its first electrostatic copier

Jul. 1967

Tohoku Ricoh Co., Ltd. established in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

Oct. 1967

Sohka Ricoh Co., Ltd. founded in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. (renamed Ricoh Tokki Co., Ltd. in 1972, and then Ricoh Unitechno Co., Ltd. in 1990).

Dec. 1968

Founder and President Kiyoshi Ichimura passes away (16th).

Jan. 30, 1969

Mikio Tatebayashi appointed president (until Oct. 22, 1976).

Jan. 1970

Ricoh of America, Inc. established in New Jersey (running until 1984), through integration of New York office and Ricoh Industries U.S.A., Inc.

Mar. 1970

Ricoh Pavilion appears at Japan Expo '70 with theme "Better Vision for Humanity".

Apr. 1971

Ricoh introduces the “RICOM 8”, the first office computer.

May 1971

Atsugi Plant, Japan founded as key manufacturing base for business machines and communication and information systems.

Nov. 1971

Total Quality Control campaign introduced.

Nov. 1971

Ricoh Nederland B.V. established in Holland (renamed Ricoh Europe B.V. in 1986).

Mar. 1972

Ricoh launches the “RICOH PPC900”, its first dry-electrostatic-transfer plain-paper copier.

Jan. 1973

Ricoh Electronics, Inc. (REI) founded in the USA.

Apr. 1973

"RIFAX 600S", first high-speed facsimile machine for offices, succeeds in transmission between Tokyo and New York via satellite communications.

Apr. 1973

Hasama Tohoku Ricoh Co., Ltd. founded (renamed Hasama Ricoh, Inc. in 1977)

May 1973

Rapifax Corp. established in the USA for marketing of facsimiles (renamed Rapicom, Inc. in 1978).

Jul. 1973

Ricoh Optical Industries Co., Ltd. founded in Iwate Prefecture, Japan.

Feb. 1975

Ricoh launches the “RICOPY DT1200”, a wet-type plain-paper machine that becoming the world's top-selling copier.

Nov. 1975

Ricoh becomes the first recipient for the Deming Prize in the office automation industry.


Establishes the Environmental Promotion Section

Jul. 1976

“RIFAX 600S” plays active role in Montreal Olympic Game.

Oct. 1976

  • President      Mikio Tatebayashi passes away. (22nd)
  • Shinichi      Miyoshi appointed chairman and Takeshi Ouye president. (26th)

Dec. 1976

Ricoh Credit Co., Ltd. established. (renamed Ricoh Lease Co., Ltd. in 1984)

Mar. 1977

The corporate headquarters completed and opens at Aoyama, Tokyo.

Apr. 1977

Ricoh introduces the acronym OA, for office automation, at CeBIT in Hannover.

Jul. 1978

Ricoh Deutschland GmbH established in Germany. Construction of Numazu R&D Center completed in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

Dec. 1978

Ricoh Business Machines, Ltd. founded in Hong Kong (renamed Ricoh Hong Kong Ltd. in 1987).

May 1979

Ricoh Systems, Inc. established in California to carry out R&D (later merged with Ricoh Corporation in 1987).

Jul. 1979

Materials R&D Center formed at Numazu R&D Center, Japan (renamed Chemical Products R&D Center in 1990).

  • Toda      Technical Center established in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture Japan.
  • Ricoh UK Ltd.      established.

Jan. 1981

Ricoh begins marketing Ricoh brand dry PPCs in Europe.

Mar. 1981

Service Parts Center established in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Apr. 1981

  • Ricoh      begins marketing Ricoh brand dry PPCs in North America.
  • Construction of      Ricoh Electronics Development Center completed at Osaka Plant, Japan.

May 1982

Fukui Plant, Japan, founded for production of sensitized paper.

Jun. 1982

Ricoh introduces the “RICOPY FT4060”, the first dry-toner plain-paper copier.

Jul. 1982

Hatano Plant begins operations in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Nov. 1982

Ricoh introduces the “RICORE 3000”, a digital document processor.

Apr. 1983

Takeshi Ouye appointed chairman and Hiroshi Hamada president.

Jun. 1983

Ricoh launches the “RICOH LP4120” laser printer.

Oct. 1983

Ricoh launches the “RIFAX 1300”, a first plain-paper facsimile machine.

Dec. 1983

Ricoh UK Products Ltd. founded.

Feb. 1984

The “RIFAX 1300HS” awarded Nikkei Product Excellence Prize.

Mar. 31, 1984

Chairman Takeshi Ouye passes away.

Apr. 1984

  • Ricoh      Corporation established by merger of Ricoh of America, Inc. and Rapicom,      Inc.
  • Eleven      service subsidiaries merged into two Ricoh Service Co., Ltd. (Tokyo,      Osaka) . (renamed Ricoh Technonet Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Osaka) in 1988)
  • Ricoh      establishes Manufacturing Technology R&D Center at Atsugi Plant,      Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
  • Imaging Technology      Development Center established at Ohmori Office, Tokyo, Japan (renamed      Imaging Technology Center in 1995 and then Imaging Technology Division in      1999).
        General Electronics R&D Center formed at Ohmori Office.

Feb. 1985

Ricoh introduces the "RICOH COLOR 5000", the first analog color copier.

Mar. 1985

Ricoh awarded Ohkochi Memorial Production Prize for development of multi-product production system for plain-paper copiers.

May. 1985

Ricoh develops speech recognition and optical character recognition technology.

Oct. 1985

Ricoh opens Gotemba Plant, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

Apr. 1986

Ricoh founds Ricoh Research and Development Center in Yokohama in commemoration of 50th year of operations.

Apr. 1986

  • Adapts      a new corporate logo in celebration of its 50th anniversary.
  • Ricoh Espana      S.A. established.

May. 1986

Ricoh France S.A. established.

Jun. 1987

Releases the IMAGIO 320 office-use digital copier

Apr. 1987

  • Ricoh      Corporation founded in the USA.
  • Ricoh Industrie      France S.A. established Oct. 1987

The “OHP313R” awarded Good Design Grand Award.

Apr. 1988

Ricoh Microelectronics Co., Ltd. founded in Tottori Prefecture, Japan, for cutting-edge FA manufacturing of electronic circuit parts.

Apr. 1989

Ricoh opens Yashiro Plant for manufacturing electronic devices in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Apr. 1989

Ricoh launches the “RIFAX D7000”, the world's first ISDN G4 digital facsimile machine.

Sep. 1989

Ricoh signs a contract of the Worldwide Sponsorship in facsimile machine category for 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.

Jul. 1990

Construction of Ricoh Electronics, Inc. Georgia Plant completed in the suburbs of Atlanta, the fourth of its kind in the USA.


Ricoh Italia S.p.A. established.

Oct. 1990

Introduces ARTAGE 8000, Ricoh’s first digital color copier

Dec. 1990

Establishes the Environment Administration Office (Integrates the functions of the Environmental Promotion Section and the Environment Administration Office to establish the Corporate Environment Office in April, 1998 and the name was changed to the Corporate Environment Division in April, 2001.)

Jan. 1991

Ricoh Asia Industry (Shenzhen) Ltd. (RAI) founded in China.

Mar. 1991

Dong Guan Tailien Optical Co., Ltd. opens in Shenzhen, China, to manufacture parts for compact cameras.

Apr. 1991

Ricoh California Research Center develops world's fastest color imaging compression algorithm.

Aug. 1991

Ricoh completed setting up the Ricoh's Olympic Fax Network to connect International Olympic Committee (IOC) to Olympic Family.

Feb. 1992

Ricoh General Principles on the Environment enacted to clarify Ricoh Group's position on environmental preservation.

May. 1992

Ricoh Industrie France S.A. established as a thermal paper plant

Jun. 1992

Construction of OPC system completed at Ricoh Numazu Plant, Japan.


  • Ricoh      Unitechno Co., Ltd., Japan, becomes first subsidiary of the Ricoh Group to      obtain ISO 9002 certification, followed by the Atsugi Plant and the      Gotemba Plant.
  • Ricoh officially      enters into the CD business.

Apr. 1993

Ricoh UK Products Ltd. (RPL) becomes first recipient of Queen's Award for Environmental Achievement.

Oct. 1993

  • Ricoh      signs a contract with IOC as Olympic Fax Network supplier.
  • Shanghai      Ricoh Facsimile Co., Ltd. founded in China.
  • RPG Ricoh Ltd.      founded in Bombay, India (renamed Ricoh India Limited in 1998).

May. 1994

Ricoh UK Products Ltd. (RPL) receives Highly Recommended prize from European Better Environment Awards for industry for its chlorofluocarbon-free recycling system.

Oct. 1994

Ricoh starts nationwide development of remote diagnostic service for copiers in Japan.

Mar. 1995

Ricoh wins top award from Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry for environmental activities, product assessment and recyclable design

Mar. 1995

Ricoh Corporation acquires Savin Corporation.

May. 1995

Launches the Ricoh DC-1, Ricoh’s first digital camera

May. 1995

The “RICOH R1” awarded Camera Grand Prix '95 Special Prize in Japan.

Sep. 1995

Ricoh acquires Gestetner Holdings PLC of United Kingdom (renamed NRG Group PLC in 2001).

Dec. 1995

Gotemba Plant, Japan, obtains ISO/DIS 14001 certification, international standard for environmental management.

Apr. 1996

Hiroshi Hamada appointed chairman and Masamitsu Sakurai president.

Jun. 1996

Environmental Protection Agency of United States awards Ricoh Corporation with ENERGY STAR Award (for five consecutive years until 2000).

Jul. 1996

Ricoh inaugurates Aficio as unified global brand for Ricoh products.

Aug. 1996

Launches the imagio MF200, low-priced, space-saving digital copier

Nov. 1996

Ricoh launches production of CD-RW discs.

Dec. 1996

Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore.

Feb. 1997

Ricoh establishes Ricoh Kanto Recycling Center to disassemble and separate recycled PPCs for energy reduction and recycling.

Mar. 1997

Ricoh Silicon Valley, Inc. founded in California (renamed Ricoh Innovations, Inc. in 2000).

Oct. 1997

  • Mitsui-Ricoh      CIS Ltd. a joint venture company with Mitsui & Co ,Ltd., formed in      Russia.
  • Ricoh Latin      America, Inc. established in the United States to manage sales in Central      and South America.

Feb. 1998

“RIFAX BL110 Shataro2” facsimile machine awarded Japan Machinery Federation President's Award at 18th Energy Saving Excellent Awards.

Aug. 1998

Ricoh Asia Indutry (Shenzhen) becomes first Japanese-owned facsimile machine manufacturer to reach 1,000,000-unit production mark.

Dec. 1998

Ricoh awarded first place in second annual Environmental Management Survey by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Japan's top business daily (receives for three consecutive years until 2000).

Jan. 1999

Ricoh Technosystems Co., Ltd. formed by merge Ricoh Technonet Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Osaka) and Ricoh Information Systems Co., Ltd.

May. 1999

Ricoh awarded Minister of International Trade and Industry Prize in eighth annual Global Environment Awards from Japan Industrial Journal.

Dec. 1999

Ricoh receives Japan Quality Award.

Mar. 2000

Construction of Ohmori Office completed as developmental base for imaging technology.

Apr. 2000

Ricoh awarded the Keidanren Chairman's Prize at the 9th Global Environmental Awards. The Ricoh Group Environmental Report 1999 wins Best Report.

Jan. 2001

Ricoh acquires Lanier Worldwide, Inc. (headquarters: Atlanta), an OA equipment marketing company in the US.

Feb. 2001

Ricoh receives Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award for the advanced environmental friendliness of the "imagio Neo 350 series".

Oct. 2001

Inaugurates the Ichimura Nature School Kanto for youth education and development

Apr. 2002

Ricoh announces its participation in the UN Global Compact.

Jun. 2002

Ricoh ranked first in the world for corporate responsibility rating by Oekom Research AG of Germany.

Jan. 2003

Ricoh China Co., Ltd. established in Shanghai as a regional Headquarters in China.

Apr. 2003

President Sakurai honored with a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) from the British government.

May 2003

Ricoh Group receives Gold Medal from World Environment Center (WEC).

Nov. 2003

Lanier Worldwide, Inc. of the US (a Ricoh company) receives first J.D. Power and Associates Award for office automation for two consecutive years.

Feb. 2004

Ricoh Software Research Center (Beijing) Co. Ltd. established.

Jun. 2004

Shanghai Ricoh Digital Equipment Co. Ltd. established.

Oct. 2004

Ricoh acquires Hitachi Printing Solutions, Ltd. (renamed Ricoh Printing Systems, Ltd.) in a first step toward entering the production printing business.

Jan. 2005

Ricoh Software Inc., consolidating five domestic software R&D subsidiaries, established.

Mar. 2005

Ricoh given a AAA environmental rating by Tohmatsu Evaluation and Certification Organization.

Apr. 2005

Ricoh Global Services was established in all five regions to support our Global Major Account customers.

Aug. 2005

Ricoh Technology Center established in Ebina, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Oct. 2006

Construction of mass-production plant for polymerized toner,"PxP toner", completed at Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.


“imagio Toner Type C2” wins the Ecology Design Prize from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, awarded to designs that protect the environment and promote effective resource use.

Nov. 2006

Ricoh signs an Official Partner Agreement with the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Janan.

Dec. 2006

Major new billboard lights up a top the San-ai Dream Center, Ginza, Tokyo.

Dec. 2006

Ricoh Europe B.V. concludes a Share Purchase Agreement with Danka Business Systems PLC.


“Technology Portal”, a new showroom, opens in New York City.

Mar. 2007

The “imagio MP C4500it/3500it”, digital color multifunction printer, obtains Color Universal Design Certification.

Apr.1, 2007

Shiro Kondo appointed President and CEO. Masamitsu Sakurai becomes Chairman.


Ricoh Corporation, USA, renamed “Ricoh Americas Corporation”.

Apr. 24, 2007

Masamitsu Sakurai appointed Chairman of the KEIZAIDOYUKAI (Japan Association of Corporate Excutives).

Aug. 2007

Ricoh becomes the title sponsor for “the Women's British Open”, the international golf tournament.

Sep. 2007

Construction of the Design and Development Center completed in Ikeda, Osaka.

Sep. 2007

Masamitsu Sakurai receives the “legion d'honneur” from the French government.


Ricoh Technology Center wins the Nikkei Manufacturing Award, first in the Ricoh Group.

Jul. 2008

All domestic sales companies in Japan amalgamated.

Aug. 2008

Ricoh Elemex Corporation becomes a wholly owned subsidiary following an exchange of shares.

Oct. 2008

Ricoh enters the color Print-On-Demand market and introduces a color producton printer, “the Ricoh Pro C900”.

Nov. 2008

Ricoh acquires US based IKON Office Solutions, Inc. a major office equipment distributor.

Sep. 2009

Releases Ricoh’s first reconditioned digital full-color MFPs, the “imagio MP C3500RC/C2500RC series”

Sep. 2009

Ricoh Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd. begins operations.

Nov. 2009

Ricoh produces the world’s first* biomass toner, to be used in the “imagio MP 6001GP” in Japan.
*As a manufacturer’s genuine supply item.

Dec. 2009

The “GXR” world’s first interchangeable unit camera released.

Apr. 2010

Ricoh Institute of Sustainability and Business Opens.

Jun. 2010

Sets up a 100% solar-powered electronic billboard in New York’s Times Square.

Jul. 2010

Ricoh Japan Corporation is established by integrating seven domestic sales companies in Japan.

Nov. 2010

  • Ricoh      receives "2010 Nikkei Award for Best Companies Supporting      Child-Rearing."
  • Ricoh completed      a new building at the Ricoh Technology Center (Ebina, Kanagawa Prefecture,      Japan), the product development hub for the Ricoh Group.

Feb. 2011

Ricoh enters the Unified Communication System Business.

Feb. 2011

Ricoh starts a global strategic alliance with Heidelberg in the graphic arts field.

Mar. 2011

The Ichimura Nature School Kanto enters its 10th year, teaching sound values to young people with its concept of “learning to live from Mother Nature.”

Apr. 2011

  • Ricoh      establishes Ricoh Production Print Solutions, LLC in the USA.
  • Ricoh launches      the Eco Solution Business and enters the LED Illumination market.

May. 2011

Ricoh installs a 100% solar-powered electronic billboard in London.

Jul. 2011

Ricoh installs a 100% solar-powered electronic billboard in Sydney.

Aug. 2011

Ricoh is recognized as one of the “World’s Best Companies in Social and Environmental Performance” by oekom research AG, Germany.

Oct. 2011


Oct. 2011

Receives the “Award of Director-General of the Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry” for its dry washing technology that removes residue without solvents nor water.

Oct. 2011

Ricoh Vietnam Company Ltd. is established in Vietnam.

Nov. 2011

Introduces IPSiO PJ WX4130N/WX4130, the world’s smallest*1 and lightest*1 ultra-short-throw projector. *1: Among ultra-short-throw projectors using mirror reflector (Result investigated by Ricoh, as of November 7, 2011)

Jan. 2012

Selected as the “world's best performing business for sustainability performance in the IT industry” by Oekom Research AG.

Feb. 2012

Establishes Ricoh Innovations Private Limited, an IT-focused R&D facility

Apr. 2012

Unveils New Global Brand Message: “imagine. change.”

Jun. 2012

  • Establishes      Ricoh Thermal Media Asia Pacific Private Limited, a company responsible      for thermal media and related business in Mumbai, India.
  • Completes the      transaction of assets of ADA-Das SystemHaus GmbH, an IT services company.

Jul. 2012

  • Begins      using steel made of 100% steel scrap for office equipment use with Tokyo      Steel
  • Ricopy      101 certified as “Mechanical Engineering Heritage” by The Japan Society of      Mechanical Engineers

Oct. 2012

Ricoh provides Solutions and Services at the Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group.

Nov. 2012

Endorses “The Carbon Price Communique” Joint declaration on Climate Change.

Dec. 2012

Ricoh is selected as one of the “2012 Top 100 Global Innovators List” by Thomson Reuters, one of the world's leading sources of intelligent information for businesses and professionals.

Jan. 2013

The Ichimura Nature School Kanto wins the “Philanthropy Grand Prize.”

Jan. 2013

Releases “Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D5500” with easy-writing display, and the ability to share the same display between remote locations while allowing interactive communications.

Mar. 2013

Ricoh is selected as one of the “World's Most Ethical Companies” by Ethisphere Institute of the USA for the 5th year in a row.

Apr. 2013

  • Zenji      Miura appointed President and CEO. Shiro Kondo becomes chairman.
  • Ricoh      Technologies Co., Ltd., and Ricoh Industry Co., Ltd., established to      reorganize domestic design/production functions.
  • Ricoh Korea Co.,      Ltd. established.

Sep. 2013

  • Ricoh      provides solution services at the APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting,      a first in Japan.
  • Named to “Dow      Jones Sustainability Indices” for socially responsible investment.

Oct. 2013

Launches RICOH THETA, the world’s first imaging device that captures fully spherical views. *
*As a mass-produced, consumer product capable of capturing the scene around, above and below the device in a fully spherical image (as of October 2013, based on Ricoh Imaging Company Ltd. research).

Jan. 2014

  • The      share trading unit size was changed from 1,000 shares to 100 shares.
  • Included in the      “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World” by Corporate      Knights, Inc. of Canada for the 10th year in a row.

Jan. 2014

RICOH MP C6003/C5503/C4503/C3503/C3003 Series, digital MFPs wins the Energy Conservation Center Chairman Award.

Feb. 2014

The Ichimura Nature School Kanto receives “Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize.”

Apr. 2014

Ricoh listed for the 11th consecutive year in the “FTSE4Good Index Series,” a globally recognized corporate social responsibility standard.

Jul. 2014

Reorganization of sales companies in Japan. Ricoh Technosystemes Co., Ltd., Ricoh Business Expert Co., Ltd. and part of Ricoh IT Solutions Co., Ltd. combined into Ricoh Japan Corporation.

Aug. 2014

RIFAX 600S selected as one of “Essential Historical Materials for Science and Technology” by the National Museum of Nature and Science in Japan

Sep. 2014

Launches the additive manufacturing (AM) business

Sep. 2014

  • 100%      Eco-Powered Billboard at Ginza 4-chome Crossing in Tokyo turned on.
  • Endorsed an      initiative to support the World Bank Carbon Pricing* and the Trillion      Tonne Communiqué. *Carbon pricing: A scheme      that requires entities to bear costs according to the level of their      carbon dioxide emissions. The scheme includes a carbon tax, emission      trading system, etc.
  • Listed in the      Dow Jones Sustainability World Indices for socially responsible investment      for the second year in row.

Oct. 2014

  • Started      forest conservation project at Ricoh Elemex Corporation in Ena City.
  • Awarded      “Highest Gold Rating” in EcoVadis Supplier Survey.
  • Chosen to      provide integrated solutions at ICEF* *ICEF: Innovation for Cool      Earth Forum.
  • Ricoh      Asia Pacific Pte Ltd won the “Singapore Sustainability Award in Green      Technology” from the Singapore Business Federation for two years in a row.
  • Listed      in the “Dow Jones Sustainability World Indices” for socially responsible      investment for the second year in row.
  • Recognized as an      “outstanding company in the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI)”      for high-quality climate change data.

Nov. 2014

  • Named      to “2014 Top 100 Global Innovators List” by Thomson Reuters.
  • Ricoh India      Limited chosen to supply Rural ICT solution by the Department of Posts      which will enable them to modernize approximately 129,000 Post Offices      through automation.

Dec. 2014

  • Ricoh      Asia Pacific Pte Ltd received “Sustainable Business Award Singapore 2014”      for its waste management and material productivity.
  • Received      “Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan Commendation” on      prevention of global warming.
  • Listed      in “FTSE4Good Index Series” for the 11th consecutive year.
  • Acquired PTI      Marketing Technologies, helping customers expand into marketing services.

Jan. 2015

  • Received      “Sustainability rating” from oekom research AG, Germany.
  • Awarded “Silver      Class Recognition” in Sustainability Ratings from RobecoSAM, a Swiss      company and a world leader in socially responsible investment (SRI)      assessments.

Jan. 2015

RICOH MP C2503/C1803 series awarded “Energy Conservation Center Chairman’s Prize” for energy-saving features.

Feb. 2015

  • Received      “Excellence Award for Business and Biodiversity” from WWF Japan.
  • Established      Ricoh Middle East FTZ in Dubai.

Mar. 2015

Released RICOH-SV-M-S1, an industrial stereo camera which can take accurate and speedy 3D measurements. (Ricoh Industrial Solutions, Co., Ltd.)

Mar. 2015

Returned almost 90,000 photos lost and damaged in the 2011 tsunami to their owners through its Save the Memory Project".

Apr. 2015

Ricoh’s VCSEL receives the Science and Technology Award

Apr. 2015

Launched "RICOH Advanced Direct Manufacturing Services" responsible for producing parts and products using 3D printers.

May. 2015

Created a novel flexible material "Energy-Generating Rubber" that converts pressure and vibration into electric energy with high efficiency.

Jun. 2015

Establishes P.T. Ricoh Thermal Media East Asia Pacific, a new company for processing and marketing thermal transfer ribbons in Indonesia.

Jul. 2015

  • Acquires      distributors in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Started recycled      MFP business in China.

Aug. 2015

Opened RICOH Future House, a commercial facility which offers solutions and services for supporting development and growth of local communities.

Sep. 2015

  • Announces      the start of a forest ecosystem conservation project in Mexico.
  • Listed in the      Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for third year in a row.

Oct. 2015

  • Awarded      the “Encouraging Award of Resouce Recycle Technology and System      Commendation” for 14 MFPs, including RICOH MP C8002/C6502, by Japan      Environmental Management Association for Industry.
  • Launches      its first 3D Printer, the RICOH AM S5500P, under the RICOH brand.

Nov. 2015

  • Announced      as an official partner of the United Nation's COP21 climate conference.
  • Recognized by CDP* as a “Leading      Company in Climate Change Disclosure” for the second consecutive year.
    *Carbon Disclosure Project, the international NPO that drives      sustainable economies

Jan. 2016

  • Acquired      AnaJet, a leader in direct to garment printers in the US
  • Selected for Silver      Class Recognition by RobecoSAM in their Sustainability Ratings for the 2nd      Year in a row

Jan. 2016

Received the Nano Tech Grand Prize at the 2016 Nano Tech Awards

Feb. 2016

“RIFAX 600S” was honored by The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan as one of the “One Step on Electro-Technology” products in 2016

Mar. 2016

Entered the healthcare solutions field

Mar. 2016

Named as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute for the 7th time

Apr. 2016

RICOH Eco Business Development Center opened

Sep. 2016

Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. awarded by the Ministry of the Environment & Water Resources, Singapore’s highest accolade, The President’s Award for the Environment 2016

Oct. 2016

  • RICOH      Eco Business Development Center’s Reuse and Recycling activities awarded      the Japanese Prime Minister's Award
  • Established Smart      Com Laboratories, Ltd. consisting of 6 companies focused on introducing      new ways to connect citizens and towns

Apr. 2017

  • Yoshinori      Yamashita appointed President and CEO
  • Ricoh      sets materiality and environmental goals aimed to resolve social issues in      accordance with the UN SDGs and the Paris Agreement
  • Ricoh commits to      100% renewable energy reliance by 2050 and has become the first Japanese      company to join RE100

October. 2017

Ricoh is recognized for leadership on climate action and is included on the Climate A List 2017 by CDP*
*Carbon Disclosure Project, the international NPO that drives sustainable economies

November. 2017

  • Receives      “Minister of the Environment Government of Japan Commendation” on      prevention of global warming
  • Ricoh Asia      Pacific Pte Ltd. wins the ASEAN Corporate Sustainability Award (Product      & Service Innovation)

January. 2018

Moves Ricoh's headquarters from Ginza in downtown Tokyo, to Nakamagome, on the outskirts of Tokyo

April. 2018

Ricoh receives the award as the “Best Company Supporting Environment Caring People” from the Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan for enhancing the development of its human resources to handle environmental issues