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Kyocera- History, Global Sales, & Information Technology



Kyocera: History, Global Sales, & Information Technology.

Kyocera is a leading technology company founded in 1959. Business segments include: Fine ceramics, semiconductors components, applied ceramic products, information equipment, electronic devices, telecom equipment, as well as other businesses. Below is a detailed chart showing key points in the Kyocera corporate history.

  • 1959-Apr.1959 With capital of 3 million yen and 28 staff members, Kyoto Ceramic Co., Ltd. is founded in Kyoto, Japan as a company specializing in fine ceramics. The company’s facilities include a headquarters and factory. Kyoto Ceramic Co., Ltd. (now Kyocera Corporation)
  • 1960-Apr.1960 Kyocera’s Tokyo office opens in Tokyo, Japan. Shiga Plant (now Shiga Gamo Plant) Kyocera International, Inc. 
  • May1963 Shiga Plant (now Shiga Gamo Plant) is established in Shiga, Japan.
  • Mar.1968 Kyocera receives first Medium and Small Business Research Institute Award (now Good Company Award) Nationwide Prize.
  • Aug.1968 Representative office opens in California, U.S.A.
  • Jul.1969 Kagoshima Plant (now Kagoshima Sendai Plant) is established in Kagoshima, Japan. Kyocera International, Inc. is established as Kyocera’s North American sales company.
  • 1970-Jan.1971 Feldmühle Kyocera Europa Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH (now Kyocera Fineceramics GmbH) is established in cooperation with Feldmühle AG in Germany. 
  • Oct.1971 Kyocera stock is listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange’s Second Section and on the Kyoto Securities Exchange.
  • Mar.1972 Kyocera receives 18th Okochi Memorial Grand Production Prize for developing multi-layered ceramic packages for large-scale integrated circuits.
  • Jul.1972 Headquarters is relocated to Yamashina, Kyoto, Japan.
  • Sep.1972 Kyocera stock is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Second Section. 
  • Oct.1972 Kagoshima Kokubu Plant is established in Kagoshima, Japan.
  • Feb.1974 Kyocera stock is listed on the First Section of both the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges.
  • Apr.1974 Kyocera receives 16th Commendation by Japan’s Director-General of the Science and Technology Agency for developing ceramic lamination technology for electronic circuits.
  • Jul.1975 Kyocera International, Inc. relocates its headquarters and plant in San Diego, California, U.S.A.
  • Feb.1976 Kyocera issues new shares of common stock in the form of American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) in the United States.
  • Jul.1976 The Children’s Travel Program begins (Japan-U.S.A.).
  • Dec.1977 Kyocera (Hong Kong) Ltd. (now Kyocera Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.) begins business in Hong Kong. Tokyo Central Research Laboratory is relocated.
  • Jul.1995 Kyocera R&D Center, Keihanna is established in Kyoto, Japan. Dongguan Shilong Kyocera Optics Co., Ltd. (now Dongguan Shilong Kyocera Co., Ltd.) is established in China.
  • Sep.1995 Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd. is established in Kyoto, Japan. Hotel Kyocera opens in Hayato (now Kirishima City), Kagoshima, Japan.
  • Dec.1995 Shanghai Kyocera Electronics Co., Ltd. is established in China.
  • Sep.1996 Kyocera Solar Corp. is established in Kyoto, Japan.
  • Aug.1998 New headquarters building is completed in Fushimi, Kyoto, Japan with environmentally friendly features such as a solar power generating system.
  • Aug.1999 Kyocera Solar, Inc. is established in Arizona, U.S.A.2000-
  • Jan.2000 Mita Corp. is reorganized to become Kyocera Mita Corp. (now Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.).
  • Feb.2000 Kyocera Wireless Corp. is established in California, U.S.A.
  • Oct.2000 DDI Corp., KDD Corp. and IDO Corp. merge to form DDI Corp. (now KDDI Corp.). 
  • Jan.2001 Tycom Corp. (now Kyocera Precision Tools, Inc.) joins the Kyocera Group.
  • May2001 Kyocera Group sales for the year ending March 31, 2001 break the 1 trillion yen threshold.
  • Apr.2002 Printer operations are merged with Kyocera Mita Corp. (now Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.).
  • Aug.2002 Toshiba Chemical Corp. is reorganized to become Kyocera Chemical Corp.
  • Jan.2003 Kyocera (Tianjin) Sales & Trading Corporation  (now Kyocera (China) Sales & Trading Corporation) is established in China.
  • May2003 Kyocera (Tianjin) Solar Energy Co., Ltd. is established in China.
  • Jun.2003 Executive Officer system is implemented.
  • Aug.2003 Kinseki, Ltd. becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyocera Corp.
  • Kyocera SLC Technologies Corp. is established in Shiga, Japan.
  • Jan.2004 Kyocera Electronic Devices, LLC is established in U.S.A.
  • Feb.2004 Hotel Princess Kyoto joins the Kyocera Group.
  • Apr.2004 Kyocera’s organic-material components businesses are merged with Kyocera SLC Technologies Corp. (now Kyocera Circuit Solutions Inc.)
  • Sep.2004 Japan Medical Materials Corp. is established in Osaka, Japan.
  • Oct.2004 Kyocera invests capital in Maruzen Systems Integration Co., Ltd. and the company is renamed Kyocera Maruzen Systems Integration Co., Ltd.
  • Apr.2005 Kyocera’s Japanese solar sales business is integrated into Kyocera Solar Corp. Kyocera Solar Europe s.r.o. opens a manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic.
  • Aug.2005 Kyocera acquires land, buildings and other property from IBM Japan, Ltd. for its Yasu plant and offices in Yasu City, Shiga, Japan.
  • Jan.2006 Kyocera Korea Co., Ltd. is established in Korea.
  • Aug.2006 Shanghai Kyocera Trading Co., Ltd. is established in China.
  • Dec.2006 Kyocera Management Consulting Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is established in China.
  • Sep.2007 Kyocera invests in Wireless Broadband Planning K.K. (now UQ Communications Inc.) jointly with KDDI Corporation, Intel Corporation, East Japan Railway Company, Daiwa Securities Group Inc., and the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
  • Apr.2008 Kyocera acquires the mobile phone business of Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.; Kyocera Sanyo Telecom, Inc. is established in California, U.S.A.; Kyocera Telecom Equipment (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is established in Malaysia.
  • Jan.2009 TA Triumph-Adler AG joins the Kyocera Group.
  • Apr.2009 Kyocera Sanyo Telecom, Inc. is integrated with the sales, marketing and service functions of Kyocera Wireless Corp. to form Kyocera Communications, Inc., based in San Diego, California, U.S.A.
  • Aug.2009 Kyocera Asia Pacific (India) Pvt. Ltd. is established in India.
  • Mar.2010 Construction of a new solar cell manufacturing plant is completed at Shiga Yasu facility in Shiga, Japan
  • Jun.2010 The thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) business is acquired from Sony Mobile Display Corporation’s Yasu office in Shiga, Japan.
  • Feb.2011 KCCS Mobile Engineering Co., Ltd. is established.
  • Jul.2011 Unimerco Group (now Kyocera UNIMERCO A/S) joins the Kyocera Group.
  • Aug.2011Kyocera Vietnam Management Company Limited (now Kyocera Vietnam Co., Ltd.) is established in Vietnam.
  • Feb.2012 Optrex Corporation (now Kyocera Display Corporation) joins the Kyocera Group.
  • Jun.2012 Kyocera CTC Precision Tools Private Limited is established in India as a cutting tool manufacturer.
  • Oct.2013 NEC Toppan Circuit Solutions, Inc. joins the Kyocera Group.
  • Sep.2015 Nihon Inter Electronics Corp. joins the Kyocera Group.
  • Apr.2016 Kyocera Circuit Solutions, Inc.; Kyocera Chemical Corp.; and the solar power generating equipment sales function of Kyocera Solar Corp. are consolidated into Kyocera Corp.
  • Jul.2016 Kyocera America, Inc.; Kyocera Communications, Inc.; Kyocera Solar, Inc.; and Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp. are consolidated into Kyocera International, Inc.
  • Apr.2017Kyocera Medical Corp.; Kyocera Crystal Device Corp.; and Kyocera Connector Products Corp. are consolidated into Kyocera Corp. 

Global Sales


Consolidated Sales (Year ended March 31, 2019)

1,623,710 million Yen


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Kyocera Corporate Motto: "Respect the Divine and Love People"
Kyocera Corporate Motto: "Respect the Divine and Love People"